Escorting from the Eyes of a Professional Escort

The escorting business is unprecedented – it’s not as glamorous as some people would think. I’ve been one of the London escorts for years and throughout that time I’ve come to learn a lot in this industry. It all started when I lost my job as a secretary in a large firm in Chelsea.

Today marks 3 years since I started escorting. I can’t say it’s been bad because the income is good compared to what I was getting while employed. My parents still don’t know I ventured into this business, since I lied to them that I’m now a freelance consultant.

Being an escort is not so fancy and full of great dinners – there are times you’ll get to meet arrogant and obnoxious clients but you just have to play along and please them. I’ve realized during my time as a busty escort that all it takes to please a man is sex with a smile.

Unlike most girls in the industry, I don’t fancy the work and most of time I tend to fake orgasms. However, the pay is good and ever since I went independent I’ve built good relationships with clients who book me weekly.

Over the years, I’ve slept with plenty of men and the experience is quite different. Some men are respectful and sweet, while others feel that you are entitled to them since they are paying. An exclusive way that I deal with an arrogant client is to shut down my emotions and distract myself with some of the great things I’ll do after I’m done servicing them.

During my free time I enjoy relaxing at home in trainers and buggy clothes to feel free. I know most people think that escorts spend time in the house with thongs and other sexy stuff like lingerie. But that’s all fantasy – those are “work” clothes and only wear them when a client makes a request.

Thursdays I’m usually booked with clients and this is when I get to make more money compared to other days. Not that escorting doesn’t have money, but there are certain days which are good.

I can clearly remember the first time I began escorting – the thrill was like in my teen years meeting new boys and having some sexual adventures. I mean imagine meeting someone for the first time and they ask for a blowjob which you have to do.

When I started, I signed up in an agency which helped me kick-start the work and gave me a nickname that I use up until now. I remember being terrified meeting my first client, although the Spanish guy, who was in his forties only wanted ordinary sex without any kinky stuff.

Eventually, I came to learn a lot regarding sex – some of the sex positions mostly preferred by men and other kinkier stuff.

I can say what has kept me going is always having the thrill of receiving good payment after delivering the service to clients. What’s more, technology has made things quite easier because now clients can book me online.

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