Regarding Relationships

Relationships can be termed as the fuel on which the society thrives on. The burning passion is of an appealing nature to many and central London escorts are not different. For them, relationships are a deep issue that can be bolstered by a client.

Society’s Perspective on Relationships with Escorts

Many escorts do not reveal the true nature of their work to friends and family. Even among their partners, escorts prefer secrecy as they are aware of the dim perspective that comes with the revelation. For one, the society views escorts as downtrodden. This emanated from ancient times where British escorts were looked down upon.

A study conducted by ( Jade Bilardi et. Al , 2015) reveal that 51% of the escorts who were in a relationship reveal their work to their partners. This means that for London escorts, their partners have to fully comprehend their work and be in good terms with such conditions. Majority of the women (77%) in the study prefer remaining single. This is to avoid sheer complexities that come along when escorts are in their line of work but are mentally involved with a client.

Legitimacy of the Escort services in London

The Escort arena has been majorly bolstered by the legitimacy that surrounds the business in London. With over 100 Escort agencies, people have put their head around the idea. As such, clients with the prerogative to spark relationships are enabled by the escort agency.

By mentioning clearly their goals, escorts in London agencies who are willing to have relationships will oblige. The prevalence of diseases such as HIV is a huge concern for escorts in central London nonetheless (H Ward, 1993).

Fear of Being Objectified

While relationships between London escorts and clients can blossom, there is a predominant fear of the relationship being sexually objectified. There is a predominant harm of being objectified where relationships are dimmed to be only sexual. According to a study, sexual construction can be exploitative in places with social economic development (Kathleen Barry, 2007).

This is not different for escorts in central London. With many of the escorts being affiliates with an escort agency, there is imminent fear of relationships. For escorts, the fear emanates from being viewed as an object of sexual pleasure during personal relationships and not being seen as a complete individual.

Socio Economic Status

Most London escorts thrive on the objective of being economically independent. In relationships, their role is viewed as work with many being signed up with an escort agency in London. Having such a prerogative draws a clear line where relationships are present. The Escort business is viewed as employment with the proceeds geared towards economic development.

Escorts in relationships have made a huge amount of money from working in the arena. Many of the escorts in central London have termed the business as profitable and have made progress through this. This showcases that London escorts who worked in the prosperous suburbs while having partners. On saving up for marriage, the escorts then moved into other realms of life.


In central London particularly, escort agencies have a great prospect of prospering. This stems from the population and the perspective that residents hold. Relationships are evident for London escorts while others choose to remain single.

London escorts also report that their line of work can be predominantly negative when it comes to personal relationships ((Jade Bilardi et. Al, 2015). This calls for an intentional relationship with their partners with full disclosure.


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